Preconfigured Gis

Madge brings years of experience, wisdom and a lot of SaaS.

Utilising Esri technology, Madge is a platform that brings all the goodies of “on prem” Enterprise GIS suites to a completely managed environment.

You can find the right size and flavour to fit your organisation.

What makes Madge?

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When you buy Madge for a specific industry type, you get a set of standard datasets and maps ready to load and go!


Funny enough, the apps use those datasets and maps so you’re up and running once you log in. However, all apps can be customised or new apps can be created.


High quality and complex layouts designed in ArcGIS Pro can be uploaded and used for web printing. Don’t worry though, Madge built some for you too.


By the time you read this, I think you’ll understand that everything that we build already has a backup set. All you have to do is set the schedule!


For all standard datasets there are predefined data processing tools to get data into Madge. New processes can be created to help your system grow.


Beautiful and complex reports can be generated to share publicly or just within your organisation.

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For organisations that want to monitor the system, we have you covered. Madge provides a suite of tools for reporting content, group, users



It’s ready to use

  • Content managed by Madge
  • 5 Web Editors
  • 10 Mobile workers
  • Unlimited Council Viewers

5,000 storage credits


Gives you some control

  • 1 ArcGIS Pro (Professional)
  • 5 Web Editors
  • 15 Mobile workers
  • Unlimited Council Viewers

10,000 storage credits


Careful, you have full control

  • 2 ArcGIS Pro (Professional)
  • 10 Web Editors
  • 20 Mobile workers
  • Unlimited Council Viewers

15,000 storage credits


BYO licenses

  • Organisations can incorporate their own Esri licensing

Under the hood

Subscription size

Each subscription provides a different level of control over content management but also capability.

BlackSky imagery

BlackSky task based imagery can be added to any of the subscription packages. Get fast 1m satellite imagery delivered directly into your system.

App framework

Our app framework not only provides apps to get you started but it also provides a complete development environment for custom web apps.

Add Ons

Organisations need to connect to their other business systems. Choose from the widgets available or ask our team to build something bespoke.

Head Office

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Townsville QLD 4810

ABN 15 155 130 153

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