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We specialise in custom application development to enhance your Geographical Information System (GIS).

We have the expertise and experience to design, build, and deploy custom applications that meet your organisation’s specific needs and goals.




We provide Enterprise GIS solutions for various industries such as government, agriculture, mining, transportation, utilities, environment, urban planning and more.

Our Enterprise GIS knowledge is significant and will ensure your system is scalable and dependable.



We provide reliable and cost-effective ways to manage your GIS solutions using common platforms such as AWS and Microsoft Azure.

With our managed services you can focus on your core business objectives, whilst we take care of your GIS needs.


We offer both remote and on-site GIS training sessions that are tailored to your specific objectives. Our training enables your staff to use GIS effectively and efficiently.

We provide training for ArcGIS Enterprise, desktop, mobile solutions and custom applications.



As trusted advisors to our clients, we offer strategic guidance and best practices for Enterprise systems, projects and processes.

From technical architecture review and planning to business capability modelling, we can help your organisation thrive not just survive.


We value long-term relationships with our clients and offer a support service for ongoing Esri product and custom spatial application support.

Our experienced technical support team is able to assist you with any issues or questions you may have regarding your GIS.


Our team members are available for short term engagements when you find yourself short on resourcing or are in need of some specific GIS skills.

We also provide a mentoring system for you to grow your capability and keep it!



GP One’s partnership with BlackSky enables our clients to leverage real-time global intelligence, with rapid image capture and delivery times via BlackSky Spectra AI platform directly to your Enterprise GIS or ArcGIS Online.

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Chief Administrative Officer

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The DigiSHEC (Digital Safety Health Environment Community) application is a gold standard for mining exploration, conceived to ensure OZ Minerals (now merged with BHP) are accurately managing records of safety whilst running global mining exploration activities. We evolved OZ Minerals’ global exploration teams from hundreds of paper-based forms to Esri’s ArcGIS Online Survey123 platform, centralising the user experience through a custom-built mobile application. The application couples SaaS based technologies that include ArcGIS Online Notebooks and Microsoft Power Automate to provide an authoritative, offline and automated data entry and reporting platform, in multiple languages for global mining interests.

The DigiSHEC application received the following awards:

Environment & Sustainability Award SA 2023 - Geospatial Excellence Awards SA

Geospatial Enablement Award SA 2023 – Geospatial Excellence Awards SA

Technical Excellence Award 2023 – Geospatial Excellence Awards SA

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Water Quality Improvement Platform

The main objective of the Water Quality Improvement Platform was to reduce the amount of pollution and sediment runoff from paddocks into the reef. As one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World, it is vital to protect our reef, and that is why this project was so important.

The Water Quality Improvement Platform application was built using Esri’s ArcGIS AppStudio, because of the technology used the app was able to be developed quite rapidly; within two months, with only two developers. Also, using Esri’s ArcGIS technology, the app met the demands of capturing the data of quite complex landscapes.

One of the key custom improvements to the GBRF Water Quality Platform was the inclusion of multi-part polygon data capture capability. This gives the user the ability to capture farmland with multiple separate block boundaries into a single record.

Custom dashboards were developed for this app to accommodate for the wide variety of needs. These requirements included the capability to monitor the progress and advancement stage of each project, to visualise the improvements of farming practices, and the ability to export data into the format that is needed. The export formats include spatial data format, CSV, and the custom data interface formats compatible with the Government Paddock to Reef platform. The custom dashboards are available to delivery providers, regional managers, and the GBRF.

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The QWildlife application is part of the QWildlife Crocodile and Koala Monitoring Platform used by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS). The application was initially released in 2020 for Crocodile Management but was expanded to include Koalas in 2022.

The QWildlife Crocodile Monitoring Platform helps the QPWS continue with their missions of improving public engagement, safety, education about issues relating to crocodiles, and crocodile protection.

Since 2022 and the addition of Koala monitoring to the platform the application is helping to drive positive outcomes for Koalas and encouraging Queenslanders to become citizen scientists, by enabling the public to record Koala sightings and health information. The information which is provided by the public is accessible to the QPWS animal welfare teams to action as required.

The QWildlife Application has received the following awards:

Delivering for Queensland 2023 – Buy Queensland Supplier Awards

Community Impact Award QLD 2023 – Geospatial Excellence Awards QLD

Esri Partner Award 2022


Step onto any mine site and you’ll quickly realise that compliance, regulatory requirements and risk management are the bread and butter of everyday life.

But what if a digital workflow automation tool could take on the legwork of these requirements? And what if that tool could harness the beauty of Esri’s ArcGIS Online out-of-the-box features so that the entire solution had only one piece of written code (a hosted Python script in Amazon).

Recently, mining company Oz Minerals (now acquired by BHP) and the team at GP One Consulting took on this challenge and came out with an innovative solution that’s turning heads.

The LADR platform (Land Access and Disturbance Request) is a powerful, spatially centric tool for the mining industry that digitises a regulatory workflow, checking applications being submitted by contractors to undertake ground disturbance activities. Its components include near-real time dashboards for a management view of operations, a series of survey forms with capacity for rigid compliance checks, and oversight by multiple internal and external stakeholders and processes for generating reports to simplify reporting to regulatory bodies.

LADR fits the bill for flexibility, transferability and scalability. It’s both visionary in its design and simplicity. Leveraging AGOL (ArcGIS Online) as its workhorse means that organisations don’t need an enterprise environment for hosting, they also have greater peace of mind regarding ongoing tech. support needs being minimal.

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